Chengdu Accommodation

Our Chengdu Accommodation currently consists of two types of Homestay.

Let us introduce you to the two different types of Homestay in Chengdu with LTL.

  • Standard Homestay
    • Live with a Chinese family in Chengdu and experience Chinese culture to the full. Enjoy wonderful home cooked food, speak Chinese all day long and enjoy some once in a lifetime experiences with your new family as you become a part of them.

Homestay in Chengdu

  • Chengdu Accommodation with LTL
  • Two types of Homestay Program
  • Standard OR Teach English Homestay
  • Experience Chinese Culture to the full
  • Teach English Program – 50% cheaper
  • Teach English Homestay
    • This is 50% cheaper than the standard homestay program. The teach English homestay offers you all the benefits of a standard homestay, but the key difference is that you will teach English to a member of the host family during your stay. You are expected to teach 6 hours of English per week.

No qualifications are needed to teach English, just a strong grasp of English.

  • Standard Homestay

    Standard Homestay

    Experience China like never before - Embrace your opportunity with a family in China. Enjoy the food, language and your family

    Special - Our homestay families live in a comfortable environment with all the amenities you need, and take great care of you

  • Teach English Homestay - 50% Cheaper

    Teach English Homestay - 50% Cheaper

    50% Cheaper - Brilliant option if you want to experience a homestay but are on a tighter budget

    6 Hours Per Week - Switch to the other side of the table and become a teacher by helping a member of the family speak English.

Chengdu Accommodation with LTL Mandarin School

Standard Homestay

Our homestay program is one of our most proud achievements since starting LTL Mandarin School and it shows in popularity with our students.

On average, throughout all our LTL locations, roughly 80% of our students choose to stay with a Chinese homestay family in China.

A major element of learning Chinese is to speak it 24/7 and not get caught up in speaking your native language, which is very easy to do. Living with a Homestay family in China takes that opportunity away.

You will experience other amazing things not least the food, which is one of the great reasons to live with a Homestay.

Teach English

Teach English and Discover China. Live with a Chinese family in China and enjoy a 50% discount on our Chengdu accommodation.

Teach a member of your host family English for six hours every week in between your Chinese classes at LTL Mandarin School.

This is a great option if you are on a budget but still want to experience living with a Chinese family in Chengdu.

You will teach one member of the family English and you will create a schedule between you. In the meantime you will be improving your Mandarin.

Why Choose A Homestay?

Immersion is what we believe in and staying with a homestay is as immersive as you could wish to experience.

Our Chengdu homestay program is what sets us apart. One student, one Chinese family and Mandarin immersion 24/7.

Our lessons our great, and so are our teachers but what happens at 3pm or 5pm when you are finished? You speak your native language or English.

How fast can you honestly expect to progress?

This is where the Homestay Program with LTL comes in.

Go home, and put in to practice exactly what you learned throughout the day at LTL School.

You get experience real life in China, how our families live, meet local Chinese and make friends with them. It’s an experience very few people get to enjoy and it’s one you’ll never forget, for all the right reasons.

Homestay Programs in Chengdu always come with questions from our new students. Do not be scared to contact us with your questions.

Studying Chinese at LTL Mandarin School

Differences Between The Homestays

The main difference between the two programs are threefold:

  • Half Price. Speaks for itself really! A great option if you are on a tighter budget, yet still want to experience Chinese culture to the fullest. The quality remains the same, you just have to dedicate your time to teaching as well as studying.
  • Become a Teacher. Standard homestay families have no intention of speaking English. Teach English Homestay families do. You move to the opposite side of the desk and “get your teacher on”.
  • Distance from the School. Generally our teach English homestay families take longer to find and therefore can be further away from school so you may have a longer trip on your hands to get to us.

Of course if you have further questions we are always here to help you out. Drop us a message and we will do our best to assist you as quickly as possible.

REMEMBER – to Teach English at a homestay you DO NOT NEED ANY QUALIFICATIONS such as TEFL certifications or teaching degrees. You’ll need to be either a native speaker, or someone with a good grasp on English.

IMPORTANT – Your Teach English Schedule of 6 hours per week is flexible and to be discussed with your family. Maybe you teach twice, 3 hours per class. Or maybe 4 times, 1.5 hours per class. You discuss with them and of course, your Chinese studies at LTL will not be intruded upon.

Chengdu Accommodation – Prices

NOTE – All prices are shown in Chinese Yuan (CNY).

For further information just get in touch using our live chat or drop us an email if you prefer.

DurationStandard HomestayTeach English
1 week2,3451,172
2 weeks4,5532,277
3 weeks6,6313,315
4 weeks8,5844,292
5 weeks10,4175,209
6 weeks12,1366,068
7 weeks13,7476,873
8 weeks15,2537,626
9 weeks16,6608,330
10 weeks17,9728,986
11 weeks19,1939,597
12 weeks20,32810,164
13-52 wks+1,694 per week+847 per week
extra night391 per night195 per night


Homestay Programs are popular but what if I want to stay elsewhere?

Other students who decide against a homestay arrange their own accommodation or stay at our apartments.

You can find out about our apartments in China via our main website.

How do you select your host families?

A number of criteria must be adhered to to become a homestay family with us.

The family itself must be “LTL people”, they must enjoy interacting with foreigners and helping to improve your Mandarin. That’s the most important thing, you get ahead faster.

English speaking is not something we want, the whole point in a homestay is Immersion.

Of course for Teach English homestays, then we look for families who have a desire to learn some English either for the parents or their children.

Alongside this, other important factors include distance from the school, household facilities, the family (and extended family), the food they provide… and many more things.

Do I get my own key?

Of course you will.

Do I wash my clothes or do my family do this for me?

No doubt your family will offer to do it for you, it’s up to you. They will have a washing machine and all necessary facilities. The homestay mother will probably take it upon herself to do it for you but say otherwise if you wish to do your own.

Does my bedroom door lock?

Of course it will

Can I come home later at night?

This is no problem, just be respectful with the noise you make.

Of course, coming in and making loud noises with cutlery and cups in the kitchen isn’t ideal, neither is taking a shower at 4am. Be respectful, and they will to you.

Can I bring someone back home

No, it is not your house so you should respect that.

Do I find out about my family before coming to China?

Yes, we will send you a document with the family members, and further details alongside their address and other details that will be useful for you.

Can I change the homestay?

This is a rare issue but if needed we can look at changing you around yes.

Of course this depends on the season and availability but if there is a problem, first we will try to help you resolve this. If there is no solution, we will look at taking steps to change your placement.

Can I stay with a Homestay if I am not an LTL Student

No you can’t. Homestays take time to organise and find. LTL students always take priority.

How do I find LTL on my first day

Generally your host family will bring you to your first lesson, remember the route.

If you forget it just speak to us or your homestay!

TEACH ENGLISH - Do I have to teach English on my first week? I might be tired.

Your family are perfectly understanding of the situation here. 

Speak to them and you’ll find a solution. Of course you won’t be forced to do it if you are adjusting to everything. The first week is generally the most hectic with the culture shock, time difference and new language amongst other things.

TEACH ENGLISH - Must I speak fluent English to be able to sign up

Fluent is a loose term but you must have a strong grasp of English.

We will speak with you over the phone before joining and get an idea if we can accept you. Generally though, if you can speak it, you will be fine.

TEACH ENGLISH - Should I bring books to teach with?

There is no need.

Everything will be provided by your host family.

They have an idea in mind of what they want you to teach. It could be just using flashcards, reading books, speaking about culture. It will vary per family.

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