Chinese Language Course in China

Discover our unique Chinese language course in China and study Chinese throughout this incredible country.

Want to feel the historic element of Beijing coupled with the international and bustling metropolis that is Shanghai – no problem.

Want to visit the hidden gem of Beihai, head over to Taipei to experience traditional Chinese, then come back over to the mainland and finish off in Beijing – no problem.

Want to come and visit the panda’s in Chengdu before heading over the peaceful Chengde and then onto a new country in the form of Singapore – no problem.

Want to go to all of the above? No problem!

Chinese Language Course in China - Shanghai

  • Chinese Language Course in China
  • Taste a bit of everything in China
  • Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Xi’an, Beihai, Chengdu, Singapore and Chengde
  • Number of different programs
  • Study for up to a year
  • Make friends from around the globe

Chinese Language Courses in China – Be a Part of Us

Chinese Language Course in China – Your Options

Metropolitan China (Beijing - Shanghai)

Beijing and Shanghai, the capital of China and the biggest city in China. Doesn’t get much better than that!

These two cities contrast incredibly with Beijing full of history and culture, whilst Shanghai is a step into the future, dubbed “The New York of the East”.

You can experience these two cities whilst taking on a Chinese Language Course in China for a memorable and incredible experience.

The Metropolitan Program has three different options:




Metropolitan China Price (CNY)

4 wks12,95622,21521,972
6 wks16,70829,92829,580
8 wks20,07836,85636,414
10 wks23,09443,05642,531
12 wks25,78348,58347,983
14 wks29,38355,98355,283
16 wks32,98363,38362,583
18-52 wks3,600 / 2 wks7,400 / 2 wks7,300 / 2 wks
Prices are all in CNY (Chinese Yuan/Renminbi)

Here’s a bit more information about each of the three Chinese Language Courses.

  • Standard Multi City Chinese Language Program in China
    • 20 hours of Chinese study a week
    • Four hours of Chinese classes per day, Monday to Friday
    • One hour lunch break
  • Intensive Multi City Chinese Language Program in China
    • Same as the Standard program plus an additional two hours of classes per day
    • 30 hours of Chinese per week
    • Individually tutored and tailored classes which will enhance your Chinese rapidly
    • 1-on-1 classes generally take place around 3-3.30pm and finish about 5-5.30pm
  • Individual Multi City Chinese Language Program in China
    • 20 hours of 1-on-1 classes every week
    • Ideal if you want all the focus on you and a tailored Chinese Language Program
    • Quick progression and fun, laid back classes

Other Things To Know

Here’s a list of useful points that we often get asked about. Hopefully these help. If you need further assistance, check out our FAQ section below, or contact us either via live chat below or by email above.

  • The above include Airport Pickup and transport between cities
  • Metropolitan Programs include a Survival Kit
  • Minimum booking period of 4 weeks, maximum of 52 weeks
  • For Accommodation visit our dedicated Accommodation page
3 City Combo

Even though this is called a three-city combo program, in theory you could double it up to a six-city combo, such is the variety of options we have at present!

With a base in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Beihai, Xi’an, Chengdu and Chengde your possibilities are endless. Talk to us about your options if you want something more tailored, but for this example we are going to pick one of the more popular multi-city Chinese Language Programs which is:


Moving from the south to the north, Shanghai will be your starting point where you ease yourself into Chinese culture. This metropolis has endless possibilities and you’ll have the chance to make friends from all four corners of the planet in Shanghai.

After that, you’ll head north to the capital of China and the home of the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. It’s Beijing! Oozing with culture and history, Beijing is a must visit if you are coming to China and will be a great place to kick on your Mandarin, whilst discovering Chinese culture.

Finally, you’ll head to the land of the unknown. Chengde. The jewel in the LTL crown, and the hidden gem no one knows about. There is no English spoken here, no foreigners around either. It’s just you and the Chinese environment.

Put simply, there is no better place to learn Chinese. Find out more below.

Let’s introduce you to our Three City Combo programs

Three City Standard

Three City Intensive

Three City Individual

Three City Prices (CNY)

6 wks23,33032,14336,202
9 wks29,98242,25847,912
12 wks35,59850,79857,798
15 wks42,89861,89870,648
18 wks50,19872,99883,498
21 wks57,49884,09896,348
24-51 wks7,300 /3wks11,100 /3wks12,850 /3wks
Prices are all in CNY (Chinese Yuan/Renminbi)

Other Things To Know

Check out our FAQ’s below for answers to any of your questions, if they don’t solve your issues, then just drop us a message by live chat, email or using the contact form above.

  • All programs above include Airport Pickup and transport between cities
  • All programs include a Survival Kit
  • Minimum booking period is 4 weeks, the maximum is 52 weeks
  • Accommodation information can be found on our dedicated Accommodation page

Before we move onto our last program, the Immersion Program, we thought it’d be good to share some of our students views on the program and educate you about Chengde, and what the program is about, enjoy!

Chinese Immersion Program (Any City + Chengde)

We could talk for hours on end about Chengde, but the fact is we already have some great content about this wonderful city so let’s educate you more a little more about this hidden gem no one knows about yet:

If Chengde is something that interests you then drop us a message and chat to us about your options. For more information on prices and accommodation, visit our link below by hitting the button.

Discover Our Immersion Language Program

Chinese Language Program in China – What They Said

Frequently Asked Questions

China is big, is it hard to move between cities?

Transport in China is incredibly efficient with more High Speed Rail than the rest of the world combined! You can travel from Beijing to Hong Kong within nine hours by train these days, a journey no other country can boast given the distance covered.

Getting around China is therefore quite easy, despite the size of the country. We will support you and all costs between cities are actually covered so this will be no more expense to you.

Do you have schools in all your cities?

No, for example, in Chengde, the experience is purposely meant to be immersive and by having a school, students will be able to speak other languages. 

Lessons take places in coffee shops and homestays rather than at a school in this case.

Is Chengde for me? I'm not sure about it.

It is hugely different and you must be aware if you partake in our Mandarin program in Chengde you won’t be using your language at all. This isn’t so easy, but great for your Mandarin.

Your contact with foreigners will be zero and you will learn Mandarin in China 24/7.

Your experience will be a memorable one and our students leaving Chengde can boast much improved Chinese and friends for life in the city.

It’s honestly one of our most exciting and adventurous Chinese courses in China.

I'm a beginner, can I join your Chinese Language Courses in China?

Absolutely, a fair portion of our students speak zero Chinese on their first day. None of them leave beginners though! Come and be a part of it!

Are living costs consistent throughout China?

No, as you’d expect Shanghai and Beijing are more expensive, the former even more so. You pay for a more western lifestyle in Shanghai.

On the flipside, Chengde and Beihai for example are incredibly cheap. You can get by on a few dollars a day with ease in these cities.

Chengdu, Taipei and Xi’an fall somewhere in between the above.

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