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Coming to China and studying Chinese is without doubt the best way to learn Mandarin.

That said, it’s not the only way!

There are many limitations to learning a language, some people don’t have the time between work and their family. Others have financial restrictions.

None of the above should stop you from learning Mandarin.

This is why we put a lot of time into our YouTube Channel and our Learn Mandarin Videos!

Learn Mandarin Videos - How to Order Coffee in Chinese, cashless!
Learn Mandarin Videos – How to Order Coffee in Chinese, cashless!

Learn Mandarin Videos with LTL

How to say Hello in Mandarin?

How to say Colors in Chinese?

How to write Numbers in Chinese

How to write BIG Numbers in Chinese

Learning Mandarin through Video – Why?

Utilising YouTube to learn Mandarin is a great way to improve your language skills, here are some reasons why:

Learn Mandarin Video - We even teach you how to order a Subway!
Learn Mandarin Video – We even teach you how to order a Subway!

1 – You can pick it up anytime, anywhere : On the metro, relaxing at home, got 15 minutes before you have to shoot?

The great thing about YouTube is you only need a small window to make it worthwhile. Whereas you might need a few weeks to come to China (and a bit of money also!), with YouTube you can fill every window with some Mandarin videos!

2 – No commitment : Commitment scares us. When signing up for a Chinese course we wonder if it’s the right move (we can assure you it is!) We question ourselves. When it comes to watching a video though, we can all give it a shot. If we get bored, we turn it off and go back to our daily lives. No commitment, funny how the mind works.

3 – There is amazing content out there : Did you know some of our Learn Mandarin videos include learning the lyrics to songs, what breakfast to eat and how NOT to ask someone out in Chinese. The topics we cover are so broad! There are plenty of other channels that do the same. You’d be amazed at the depth of content when looking for learn Mandarin videos.

4 – Watch it again and again and again and again… : Watching content and it just isn’t sticking? Want to hear that story for a 3rd time? Whereas in the classroom you might feel guilty or just plain awkward asking the teacher to tell you how to say that sentence again, with video, you choose what to skip and what to cover again. It’s your own personalized lesson.

5 – Learn for 5 minutes or 5 hours : Sometimes we get fatigued in the classroom. Hour 3 has just passed and you just aren’t feeling it. Likewise on other days class is over but you feel compelled to do more. Watching learn Mandarin videos online by yourself allows you to absorb as much or as little as you want.

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