Life in Chengdu

When you sign up to LTL you aren’t just here to study Chinese.

You are here to discover a unique country and you’ll do this with your new LTL Family. We pride ourselves greatly on being a very close community and this runs through our core. Everyone is here for everyone whether you have language barrier issues, need help at the bank or simply want recommendations for exploring Chengdu and China.

Life in Chengdu is sweet, come and experience it with us, oh and guess what…

We serve free beer at our school Monday to Friday after 5pm!

Buying breakfast in Beijing

Monday Breakfast Club

Things to do in Chengdu - Eat Hotpot

Wednesday Dinners


Board Game Nights

Students of LTL in China

Friday Beers

Life in Chengdu - KTV


Semester in China - LTL Mandarin School

Quiz Nights

LTL weekend trip to a mountain resort house

Hiking Trips

Capital Spirits Bar in Beijing

Saturday Night Out

Things to do in Chengdu - Sichuan Opera

Sichuan Opera


Panda Research Base

Life in Chengdu – Discover life with LTL

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