Mandarin Immersion Program in China

What’s the most Intensive Chinese Language Program out there?

This one! It doesn’t get anymore intensive than with the LTL Mandarin Immersion Program.

This is a combination program where you study Chinese first in Chengdu, and then in the similarly named Chengde.

Do not get them mixed up, they are very different!

Learn Chinese in China with LTL

  • Mandarin Immersion Program
  • Start in Chengdu
  • Continue in Chengde
  • No English speakers in Chengde
  • Enhance your Immersion by living in a Homestay
  • Most intensive Chinese language program possible 24/7
  • Support from the LTL Team

Chengdu is famous for the Panda’s, Chengde is famed for the most standard spoke Mandarin in all of China, making them both great places to learn Chinese in China.

At the same time no foreigners live there, nobody speaks English and students are completely immersed into a Chinese language and a cultured environment.

  • Fast, Faster, Fastest

    Fast, Faster, Fastest

    Immersion works - There are many ways to learn Chinese, but Immersion in Chengde is the fastest way to learn, it's proven

    Homestay - Increase your chances of making rapid Chinese progression by living with a Chinese family in China. No english, all Chinese

  • Intensive Chinese Language Program

    Intensive Chinese Language Program

    Chengdu - Get started with your Mandarin in Chengdu. We help get your Chinese up to a workable level ready for your next adventure

    Chengde - A very different experience to Chengdu. No English will be spoken here. Get ready to sky-rocket your Chinese level

  • Our Team Is Here For You

    Our Team Is Here For You

    Prepare - We will chat with you and have a pre-Chengde meeting before you move to make sure everything is crystal clear

    Chengde Support - You are never alone, not even in Chengde! Our team in Chengde is always available to help

  • Be Flexible

    Be Flexible

    Lessons - Combine small group classes and/or 1 on 1 Mandarin classes

    Accommodation - Homestay or apartment? Chat to us

    All Inclusive - Survival kit and your transport to Chengde included

    Add-ons? - Why not add a Connection Kit to make local friends quickly?

Mandarin Immersion Program – Learn More

Mandarin Immersion Program with LTL

Achille with his Homestay
Achille with his Homestay

The Mandarin immersion program combines an Intensive Chinese language program in Chengdu with studying in a complete immersion environment in China’s old summer capital, Chengde. They are different cities!

Studying Chinese in Chengde is probably the best way to learn Chinese in China, simply because of the lack of opportunities to speak English.

However, be aware. This isn’t somewhere we recommend complete beginners go and study Chinese straight away. This will do no one any benefit which is why we created the Mandarin Immersion Program:

1 – Come to Chengdu (or any other LTL based city) and get a foothold with your Chinese

2 – Move onto Chengde, this is where the real immersive experience begins! Study Chinese and speak Mandarin 24/7

Mandarin Immersion Program : Step 1 – Chengdu 成都

Chengdu - Picture Perfect
Chengdu – Picture Perfect

You can choose to study in a small group or individually, live in a homestay or apartment or your own accommodation.

There is plenty of flexibility here. Chat to us if you are unsure what options suit you best. Generally most of our students stay with a homestay because it helps enhance your Chinese even faster.

The same will be said for individual lessons compared to group classes simply because lessons are tailored solely around you.

During this time, you will improve your Mandarin language skills, learn how China and its society work and get ready to take the next big step into a real immersion environment.

Mandarin Immersion Program : Step 2 – Chengde 承德

Chengde - Mandarin Language Immersion

Before going to Chengde, we will get you ready and prepared with our pre-Chengde meeting.

This is where we discuss your preferences, desires and iron out any issues so everyone knows exactly where you stand.

After that, it’s time to make the journey from Chengdu, to Chengde.

After this, you will move to Chengde where you will not speak a word of English anymore and be speaking, dreaming and living Mandarin 24/7.

Accommodation options here are homestay or shared apartments, although it must be said 95% of students in Chengde stay with a Homestay.

Your friends will exclusively be local Chinese which again, will only enhance your ability to speak Mandarin.

Discover Chengde – The Most Intensive Chinese Language Program

Mandarin Immersion Program – Your Options


Experience Immersion like never before with LTL.

  • 20 hours of Chinese a week in a Small Group in Chengdu.
  • 20 hours of Chinese a week individually in Chengde.

If you studied Mandarin previously you can start the program on any Monday.

However, if you are a complete beginner you should start on one of our beginner group starting dates.

The course can last anything from four weeks (two in each city) all the way to 12 months.


The absolute fastest way to learn Mandarin, trust us!

  • 30 hours of Chinese a week in Chengdu. 20 hours of group class and 10 hours of individual class.
  • 30 hours of Chinese a week in Chengde, all individual.

If you studied Mandarin previously you can start the program on any Monday.

However, if you are a complete beginner you should start on one of our beginner group starting dates. The course can last anything from four weeks (two in each city) all the way to 12 months.


The most tailored intensive Chinese program in China.

  • 20 hours of Chinese a week in Chengdu, all individual.
  • 20 hours of Chinese a week in Chengde, all individual.

You can start the program on any Monday as you are an individual student.

There is no need to follow the starting dates below. Contact us with your preferred starting date and we’ll get you booked in!

The course can last anything from four weeks (two in each city) all the way to 12 months.

 Program Chengdu 成都 Chengde 承德
Standard 20h/wk Small Group 20h/wk 1-on-1
Individual 20h/wk 1-on-1 20h/wk 1-on-1
Intensive 20h/wk Small Group & 10h/wk 1-on-1 30h/wk 1-on-1

Mandarin Immersion Program – Starting Dates

PLEASE NOTE – Complete beginners who want to do the Mandarin Immersion Program should start on one of our official Small Group start dates.

If you have knowledge of Mandarin already you can start on any Monday.

Mandarin Immersion Program – Pricing

Weeks Standard Individual Intensive
4 wks 11,622 19,030 18,835
6 wks 14,624 25,200 24,922
8 wks 17,320 30,742 30,389
10 wks 19,733 35,703 35,282
12 wks 21884 40,124 39,644
14 wks 24764 46,044 45,484
16 wks 27,644 51,964 51,324
+2 wks +2,880 / 2 wks +5,920 / 2 wks +5,840 / 2 wks

Prices are all in CNY (Chinese Yuan/Renminbi)

Included: Survival Kit Standard Chengdu & Chengde, transport from Chengdu to Chengde and back by train, all tuition fees, airport pick-up, text books and 24/7 support.

Does not include: Accommodation

Find out more about accommodation by visiting our main website and learning more about our Immersion Program.

Chengde Survival Kit Standard
  • Train Ticket from Chengdu to Chengde – We will organise and book your train ticket from Chengdu to Chengde.
  • Pick-up From Chengde Train Station – To make your arrival in Chengde as easy as possible we will arrange for you to be picked up from Chengde train station and taken to your accommodation.
  • Chengde Mountain Resort Ticket – If there is one thing that you must see in Chengde is the famous Mountain Resort which we will provide you an entrance ticker for.
  • Chinese Culture Class – To give you a taste of some traditional Chinese culture we will give you one free culture class such as Chinese paper cutting or calligraphy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Mandarin Immersion Program last?

Anything from four weeks (two in each city) to one whole year!

How do I travel from Chengdu to Chengde?

From Chengdu you will be taking the train to Chengde on the Sunday before you start your Chinese immersion program there.

The costs of this are already covered in your Mandarin Immersion Program so no need to stress about added fees.

Who is the team in Chengde?

We have a dedicated team in Chengde who have been around with us for years. Zhongwen runs our team there and she has been a part of LTL almost since the start. She is Chengde born and bred and lives for the city. There is no better support guide than her.

Our very first director of studies, Tina, is also based in Chengde to help organise our classes there. Alongside our teachers you are well set in Chengde

Meet the Chengde team here!

How fast can I realistically progress with my Chinese?

Faster than any other course, but if all depends on how much you are willing to put in and out of class.

The intensive immersion program gets you ahead faster than the standard option. Students living in a homestay usually progress faster than those who do not. These are two examples. Of course they come at extra cost but there’s a reason for that, faster progression.

If you pass through our schools in Beijing, Shanghai or Taipei on your way back home, you will be stunned at how far ahead you got of your old class mates who stayed there.

What is life in Chengde really like?

We created a page with more information about life in Chengde with a lot of information about the city and living there.

Anymore information on Accommodation?

95% of students pick the Homestay in Chengde, the others stay in apartments in Chengde.

Find out more about both by clicking the links.

Can I also combine other cities in one program?

Absolutely, you can do pretty much anything with our courses if you speak to us.

Our Multi City course might be a good bet for you if you want to mix up the cities and the experience.

How do I sign up for the Mandarin Immersion Program?

Just drop us an email, contact us or send us a live chat.

Do I have to do 50% of the course in Chengde and 50% in Chengdu or can I mix it up?

If you want to go to Chengde after just one or two weeks of studying Mandarin, or only go there for the last few weeks of your program this can be organized without problems. 

Our courses are designed to be as flexible as possible for you. Just speak to us and there is genreally always a way to do what you wish.

The only thing we would not recommend is going to Chengde straight away, as a beginner. This benefits no one at all.

Ask us a question!
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