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Coming to China to learn Chinese is something that can, on the face of it, sound daunting. It isn’t!

A big part of our job is to make the transition for you as smooth and as simple as possible. This is where the inspiration came to set up a list of services for our students.

  • Worried about getting a Mobile SIM Card?
  • Not sure how you’ll get yourself an Underground/Metro card?
  • Scared about even asking for a Bank Account?

All these questions, and many more, will spring to mind for you, but don’t fear. We are here to help!

We know China.

We know how things work here and we are here to help. Below is a list of the services we provide to make your transition to China as comfortable as possible.

Learn Chinese in China with LTL

Chengdu Survival Kit Standard 

Our Standard package survival kit for Chengdu includes the following:

  • Mobile SIM card with data and minutes – 10GB of data and 300 minutes of call time. Ask us how to top up when you arrive or need to.
  • Airport / Train Station pick-up – When you arrive in China, we will be there!
  • Metro/Underground Card – Your card can be used on Public Buses or the Metro and has about 10/12 trips on it ready to use.
  • Bank Account assistance – Rules are constantly changing with banks in China. We will tell you which bank currently has the most favourable policies at the moment. We cannot guarantee we’ll be able to open a bank account for you, but we’ll do our very best to help.
  • Register with the Police – Foreigners must register with the police when you arrive at your accommodation. We help resolve this.
  • Free Bike – This is conditional that we can set you up a Chinese Bank account. Without the account we cannot sign you up to the bike sharing apps.
  • Chengdu Map – To help you get around
  • LTL Bag – In our lovely yellow and blue! What else
  • Free locker
  • Free personalized coffee mug

NOTE – these Standard Survival Kits are included in our Immersion Program and Multi City Programs.

Chengdu Survival Comfort Kit

Our comfort kit includes everything above, along what these three extras:

  • A Massage
  • International Hospital VIP Card
  • Gym Membership for One Month

Prices are shown below.

Airport / Train Station Pick-up Only 

Chengdu Services - Arriving in China

If you wish to just receive airport/train station pick-up we have a package solely dedicated towards that. 

There are no extra charges for being picked up late at night or in the morning.

We do recommend to arrive in China between 10am and 5pm on the Sunday before your course starts. This makes everyone’s lives a little bit easier.

Be a part of LTL – What They Said

Chengdu Connection Kit

Our Connection Kit is aimed at helping you make friends as quickly as possible. We always advise students to try and make friends with Chinese locals as much as possible, especially the ones that don’t speak English.

In reality, it’s very easy to be drawn to foreign friends simply for the matter of convenience.

You will be paired with someone who has similar interests and hobbies to you. This gives you a head start just as you arrive in China. From then on, you can meet plenty more friends.

Personal Student Ambassador

We will pair you with someone based on common interests and hobbies that the two of you have.

You have the chance to explore China together and make even more Chinese friends instead of just hanging around speaking your native language. Immersion is all about putting yourself into the environment. This is the best way to learn Chinese!

Personal Chinese Language Exchange Friend

Your language exchange friend will help your Chinese whilst you help them in return with your native language.

You will be sure to talk about stories from your hometown, cultural differences, food and so many more topics. The great thing about meeting people from around the world is the stories you tell are limitless.

You will also learn a lot with your language friend whether it be about Chinese language or Chinese culture itself.

Survival Kit Standard1,270
Survival Kit Comfort2,040
Connection Kit630
Airport Pickup350

The connection kit service is about introducing you to people whom we think you will get on well with. The friendship you will have to build, and while we think you will get on well, nobody can guarantee this.

Friends and connections are not to be purchased. They need to be built by yourself. The aim of the connection kit is to make it easier to start this process, which works very well for most of our students and has lead to many life-long friendships and significantly faster Chinese language learning progress for participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

SURVIVAL KIT - Where will I meet the pick-up driver?

Once you get off the plane/train, go through customs and claim your baggage. You’ll head to arrivals where your driver will be waiting with a sign with your name.

It’ll probably be busy but don’t worry, he will find you.

SURVIVAL KIT - Should I bring anything to LTL on Day 1?

All learning resources are provided by us. If you wish to bring anything else, that’s entirely up to you!

Laptops, your own learning materials, stationary etc you are welcome to bring along of course!

CONNECTION KIT - How will I meet my two new friends?

We will invite you for a meal together with your language exchange partner and student ambassador where you will get to know each other and arrange your next activities together.

CONNECTION KIT - Why two people?

We choose them based on their background, age and interests so that you have something to talk about with each other.

Two people gives you twice the opportunity to make a friend for life.

CONNECTION KIT - Who are they?

This will very much depend on whom we think is suitable with you. That comes from our discussions with you. We have a large pool of friends here in China!

It might be local university students who want to make friends with foreigners, young professionals who wants to get a more international outlook, or one of our friends who just likes to go for drinks with new people.

Ask us a question!
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