Learn Chinese at home with our amazing new Flexi Class system which allows you to study anytime, wherever you are in the world.

We spent the vast portion of 2020 wanting to build something amazing, and we managed it – giving you the most flexible way to learn Chinese ever!

Welcome to the LTL Flexi Classes.

Say goodbye to fixed class times and say goodbye to awkward time-zone differences.

Our Flexi Classes will get you fluent, fast – from wherever you are in the world, whenever you want.



There is genuinely no better, more flexible way to learn Chinese online.

Here are three reasons why this is so revolutionary:

  • Study Chinese Online 24/7
  • Complete flexibility to book, re-book and cancel classes
  • Super easy sign-up which takes barely 2 minutes

Nowhere else offers you the chance to book flexible small group classes (never more than 6 students). Flexi Classes changes all that.

We also provide individual lessons if you prefer. It’s all in the name – Flexi!

Getting signed up is simple. Visit our registration page, enter your details, pick your preferred program, pay in seconds and before you know it, you’ll be ready to book your first classes!


All our teaching materials used in the LTL Flexi Classes are designed and created by us. Having taught Mandarin for well over 10 years, we know the methods for success.

Learning online is very different to learning face-to-face and therefore requires a different solution. Check out some of these online PDF’s for beginner through to HSK 3 level.


The LTL Flexi Classes are a subscription based model. You can subscribe to any of the packages below depending on how many hours a week you want to study.

You can pick anything from one lesson per week to a class every day. After you sign up you will have your credits ready in your account and can start booking classes straight away. 

As always with Flexi Classes this can be at any time of the day 24/7.

Flexi Group Classes

1 Group Class Per Week3/4 Group Classes Per Week1 Group Class Per Day
69 USD
59 EUR
163 USD
139 EUR
279 USD
239 EUR
💡 Cheapest 💡❤️ Most Booked ❤️💵 #1 Value 💵
5 Credits15 Credits30 Credits
12 EUR per class9 EUR per class8 EUR per class

Flexi 1-on-1 Classes

1 Individual Class Per Week3/4 Individual Classes Per Week1 Individual Class Per Day
163 USD
139 EUR
385 USD
329 EUR
701 USD
599 EUR
💡 Cheapest 💡❤️ Most Booked ❤️💵 #1 Value 💵
15 Credits45 Credits90 Credits
28 EUR per class22 EUR per class20 EUR per class
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If you prefer more of a rigid week-to-week structure we also offer fixed Chinese courses online, once again, in small groups or individually.

Our group courses aim to provide for all time zones with classes starting at fixed times convenient for every continent. These can also be purchased really conveniently using the pricing tables below.


Here is a summary of our fixed small group classes available for you. All of our classes take place via Zoom.

CourseDaysHours a weekClass TimesTime ZoneUTC
After Work EveningMonday & Wednesday OR Tuesday & Thursday47pm – 9pmChina, Central Europe, New YorkUTC +8, +1 & -4
WeekendSaturday or Sunday48am – 10am & 11am – 1pm OR 1pm – 3pm & 4pm – 6pmChina, Central Europe, New YorkUTC +8, +1 & -4
Everyday IntensiveMonday – Friday108am – 10am & 11am – 1pm OR 1pm – 3pm & 4pm – 6pmChina, Central Europe, New YorkUTC +8, +1 & -4


Online Group Class

If you’d prefer to study individually we also offer 1-to-1 Chinese classes. We have six different packages below whereby you can purchase a number of hours for a tailored Mandarin course with us.


Our six individual Online courses are available to purchase below. Select the course you wish to purchase, click BUY NOW, fill out the form and is all that’s left is to enter your payment details.

Super quick, super simple sign-up! If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us using [email protected].

Online 1-on-1 Classes


Can I learn online, then come to Chengdu with LTL?

Of course – many students of ours, before coming to China, actually study online with us to get a foothold with the language.

You can check out our group courses in Chengdu here, or our tailored, individual programs here.

How many people in the online group classes?

The average is just 3 people but the very maximum is 6.

These small numbers means you will get speaking far more than any other course.

What software do I need to use?

All our classes take place using Zoom.

Can I see any online reviews from previous students?

Absolutely – we’ve got a load as well!

Check out our YouTube channel where we have a tonne of video interviews with our students.

You can also see plenty of written reviews here.

Should I study a fixed course or a flexi course?

This depends on you in all honesty.

If the most important aspect of the course is flexibility because of an ever changing work situation and the inability to commit to classes weeks in advance, then the Flexi class program is the one for you.

If you can happily commit to a 7pm class every Tuesday and Thursday each week, the fixed course will be perfect for you.

How do I pay?

Payment is really simple – use our online system which allows you to enter your card details and payment will be complete in a matter of minutes.

How can I discover my current HSK level?

We actually have a HSK vocab test for every level on our website.

Take a free HSK vocabulary test for each level. This allows you to give a clearer picture of you current situation to your teacher.

You can also check out our HSK levels page which will give you an idea of where you are at.

Who are your teachers?

Our teachers make us who we are.

A fully certified and qualified team of experts who have bags of experience.

LTL’s success has been built on our teaching team, you can meet some of them here.

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