Come to China and learn Mandarin in Chengdu with LTL Mandarin School.

Become a part of a unique community, make friends from around the globe and improve on your Chinese skills together. Even if you are a total beginner, all levels are welcome!

We keep our Mandarin classes small, and with good reason.

It means you progress faster.

The bigger the class, the less chance you get to speak and get your mouth moving.

Our group classes in Chengdu are a great way to propel your Chinese forward fast.

We’ve been teaching foreigners Mandarin since 2007 and our reviews show that we have thousands of delighted students!

  • China’s best teaching team
  • Average Group Size – 3 students
  • Maximum Group Size – 6 students
  • Speak, Listen, Read, Write
  • Make friends from all over the world
  • Study from a week to a year

Top Teaching Team

Certified – Many apply, only few make the grade
Bags of Experience – At least five years experience
Fully Qualified – Teachers hold degrees in Teaching Chinese
Local – Our teachers can advise you what Chengdu is all about

Learn Mandarin in Chengdu

Study Mandarin in Chengdu – City oozing with Chinese culture
Small Groups – Just 3 people per class generally, maximum of 6
Friends Forever – Our students tend to stay in touch
Diverse – Lessons are never the same. Enjoy a bit of everything

Progress, Fast

Speed – You’ll see a massive step forward
Efficient – Get talking, gain confidence and follow our teachers
Learn Together – Use your classmates to help you through
We Know The Way – We’ve been around for well over a decade

Our Super Support Team

China Experts – Any problems you encounter, we are on hand
Student Advisors – They live and breathe China
Tight Community – Teachers, Staff, Students, it’s always fun
24/7 Support – We are always here to help. Speak to us


Study Mandarin in Chengdu and improve you Chinese at super-fast speeds!

Here are some key details:

  • Average class size of three students
  • Maximum class size of six students
  • Class duration is 55 minutes
  • Number of teachers can range from one to three
  • Lesson split – 70% Oral, 30% Reading
  • Complete beginners can start on the Monday’s listed below
  • If you have some form of Mandarin knowledge, you can start any Monday of the year

Our teachers make LTL great and they are the reason our Mandarin courses are so popular with our community.

The lessons are diverse, unique and great fun to be a part of.

Personal Assessment

In terms of putting you in the correct class regarding your current Chinese level, that’s also no problem.

Of course, all complete beginners go together with no problem but if you know some Chinese we will “assess” you before you come to Chengdu.

This is a simple conversation with our Director of Studies who will gauge what level you are at.

A small chat will give us all the information we need to place you in the right class.

This step is ABSOLUTELY VITAL to your success and progress. No one wants to be in a class where they feel they are too advanced, or too far behind.

REMEMBER || if you are a complete beginner you will pick a date below, if you know some Mandarin, you can start any Monday.


Describe a typical group class at LTL.

We cover speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Generally Monday, Wednesday and Friday we focus on speaking and listening, with Tuesday and Thursday directed at learning Chinese characters and writing.

It makes learning Mandarin in Chengdu with LTL diverse and great fun!

Will my group class include others from my country?

Possibly but as we welcome students from all over the world, the chances are smaller.

It depends which country you are from in reality. US and German students are our most popular so if you are from these two countries, then perhaps.

If this is something you don’t want, just tell us. The chances are you are going to meet people from anywhere and everywhere, adding to the fun of being at LTL!

Will I learn much faster if I study 1-on-1?

It’s no secret your Mandarin ability will improve even faster when taking individual classes in Chengdu.

Think about it, 1-on-1 offers tailored Mandarin courses and you get the teachers attention for the whole lesson.

In groups, although you are fully involved, time is split between a group. Individual classes are the quickest way you can improve your Mandarin.

How good is your teaching team?

Our teachers make LTL the success we are.

Our teachers hold a University Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and on top of that they have at least 5 years teaching experience.

We get a lot of applicants to work at our LTL centres, but we are incredibly selective on who we hire, only the best for you.

Do I get chance to speak much in class?

Yes everyone gets the chance to speak.

This is a key reason why class sizes are kept small. Every student will get plenty of chances to speak Mandarin in class.

We believe strongly in getting every student talking as early as possible. In a big lecture theatre, you don’t get this chance, but at LTL you’ll be speaking all the time.

Are your group classes the same format across all cities?

Yes no matter where you have your group class, whether in Chengdu or Taiwan, Shanghai or Beihai, the same sort of structure will be provided, dependant on the teacher of course.

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