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We think LTL is pretty great, but don’t just take our word for it.

Here are a few articles that highlight what makes LTL unique and effective.

China Daily [English/Chinese]

Andreas Laimboeck speaks to China Daily about LTL and how far we’ve come

CCTV 4 [English/Chinese]

A cracking TV Documentary about LTL student Sean and his homestay family in China.

  • The Telegraph [English]

    “Language is never really learnt in a classroom, but only on the battlefield of everyday life: that is the core philosophy of an inventive Chinese language school in Beijing called “Live the Language” that arranges homestay visits for foreigners wanting to learn Chinese.”

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  • The Beijinger [English]

    “German native Andy Zhou arrived in Beijing eight years ago as a student eager to learn Chinese through any means possible, trying BLCU, private language schools and even online learning programs. Learning from his own successes and mistakes studying Chinese, he has launched Live the Language School, a Chinese-language school for foreigners.”

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  • South China Morning Post [English]

    To learn the language, live the culture. Andreas Laimböck says expats must escape their bubble to achieve fluency in Putonghua, and his school in Beijing puts the emphasis on going. When Austrian Laimböck, 33, came to China in 2002 to learn Putonghua, he ran into a wall of discouraging obstacles...

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  • Die WELT [German]

    Wie man Chinesisch in nur einer Woche lernt. "Ein Sprachlehrer in Peking behauptet, jeder könne innerhalb weniger Tage Survival-Chinesisch lernen. Die Schüler müssen sich dafür in der Provinz durchschlagen. Unser Autor hat es ausprobiert.”

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  • [German]

    “Der Deutsch-Österreicher Andreas Laimböck ist Gründer und Geschäftsführer der Sprachschule LTL – “Live The Language”. Als er 1999 als Student zum ersten Mal nach China kam, war er sogleich von der chinesischen Sprache und Kultur begeistert. Eine Begeisterung, die ihn bis heute nicht losgelassen hat.”

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  • HSK Accreditations

    LTL Mandarin School can boast a certificate of approval from the Hanban and Confucius Institute stating that we are HSK Accredited. Find out more about the HSK Exam below

    What is HSK Exam

Worldwide Accreditations

IALC – International Association of Language Centres logoIALC – International Association of Language Centres
The International Association of Language Centres was founded in 1983 and is today the world’s oldest and biggest international private language school association. As a fully accredited member, LTL is regularly inspected by the association and operates according to the IALC code of ethics.

Government Accreditations

Ministry of Education HSK logoMinistry of Education
LTL is an accredited HSK testing center.

Flag PRC ChinaMinistry of Commerce
as an accredited “Provider of Cultural Exchange Programs”

German flagMinistry of Science of six different German States
as an accredited provider of “Educational Holiday Trips” (Bildungsurlaub)

Swedish flagSwedish National Agency for Higher Education (Högskoleverket/CSN)
as an accredited “Education Provider”

Awards Excellene Award
“2019 Excellence Award”

Study Travel Association logo

Study Travel Association
“Superstar School Association with IALC”

Study Travel Association logo

Study Travel Association
2014 Winner of “Language School Association” with IALC

Languagebooking’s Students’ Choice Award logo

Languagebookings Students’ Choice Award
“Exceptional Language School”

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