Semester in China

Study Mandarin for a Semester in China and enjoy 18 weeks learning Chinese in a small group compared to larger class sizes at a Chengdu University.

Our Semester in China program lasts 18 weeks per Semester, you can double up to 36 weeks to get your Chinese ahead even faster.

This is a fixed program and is therefore a brilliant value option to learn Chinese in a small group with no more than six people, and an average of just three.

Learn Mandarin in Chengdu with LTL - Semester in China

  • Semester in Chengdu
  • Learn Chinese for 18 weeks
  • Enhance your Chinese language skills
  • 18 weeks fixed schedule
  • Double up for 36 weeks of Chinese
  • Much smaller class sizes than at a Chengdu University

Whereas a Chengdu University might hold at least 30 people in a class, at LTL the class sizes are roughly 90% smaller and this means your progression with Mandarin will be enhanced greatly

You can truly enhance your Chinese language skills abroad with LTL. In many instances students reach HSK3 after one semester, and HSK4 after two semesters.

The Semester in China program is well priced and a great way to fast track your Mandarin language skills. Make friends from all four corners of the world and enjoy being part of a tight knit LTL Family every day.

  • Don't Waste Time

    Don't Waste Time

    Small Classes – Never more than six per class

    Maximise Your Time – Lessons are 55 minutes, never 45 or 50

    18 Weeks or 36 Weeks – One Semester or Two

    Experienced – We only hire the best teachers at LTL

  • Our Community

    Our Community

    Social Events – We prepare a list of events for students every week which all are welcome to join. Discover Chengdu together with us

    Friends for a lifetime – It's no secret our community is super close and tight knit. Make friends with all the students at LTL

  • Best Value

    Best Value

    Don't Miss Out – You don’t lose out on classes due to public holidays

    Materials included – All your textbooks and materials are included

    Our Team – Got a question or something bothering you, we are here to help

    Discount – This is a great value option compared to other programs

  • Top Team

    Top Team

    Staff - Student Advisors who speak numerous languages, support teams are here to help you. There are so many people ready to help

    Teachers – The best around, fully qualified and certified. They are ready to teach you Mandarin better than the rest

Semester in China – What Our Students Said

Why Study A Semester in China?

Learn Chinese the most efficient and fun way possible, by studying a Semester in China with LTL.

Study Mandarin in Chengdu

Why study a Semester in China?

  • 18 week fixed program, or double it up to 36 weeks (two semesters)
  • 4 hours of Chinese everyday
  • Class sizes of no more than six students, an average of three
  • Fully certified and experience Chinese teachers
  • Reach HSK3 after a Semester in China
  • Some students reach HSK4 after two semesters in China
  • Live with a Homestay family in China to boost your Chinese further
  • Make friends to last a lifetime at LTL
  • Enjoy our Social program outside of school
  • Receive 24/7 support from our team
  • Great value option to learn Chinese

We could go on and on and on… the demand for learning Chinese is growing rapidly and we want you to be a part of that at LTL. You may see prices at a Chengdu university are cheaper, but ask yourself why.

We offer specifically small classes, so you can get ahead faster

We offer top class teachers who get your speaking from day 1

We offer a personalized service from applying to join LTL to your very last day

Semester in China – Dates & Pricing (Chinese Yuan)

Dates for our Semester Program Chengdu are as follows:

Semester 2020/2021 Date Price
Spring Semester ’21 22nd Feb. 2021 – 25th June 2021 18,721 CNY
Fall Semester ’21 20th Sep. 2021 – 21st Jan. 2022 18,721 CNY
Spring Semester ’22 7th Feb. 2022 – 10th Jun. 2022 18,721 CNY
Fall Semester ’22 12th Sep. 2022 – 13th Jan. 2023 18,721 CNY

The Semester in China Program includes:

  • Tuition fees, textbooks & learning materials
  • Support around the clock from our team
  • Join our Social Program and meet our other students
  • Student Visa Support

The Semester in China Program package does not include: 

  • Accommodation in Chengdu
  • Flights to and from China

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a course for solely younger individuals?

No, all ages are welcomed.

The great thing about our Semester classes normally is the variety of people we get in them. A youngster from the US could be coupled with a retiree from Australasia and an engineer from Sweden.

Our Semester in China is incredibly diverse so no specific age is welcomed, everyone is.

Is this course basically an 18 week Chinese course?

In essence yes.

The difference with the Semester in China program is that the dates are fixed. With individual courses there is a bit more flexibility when it comes to moving things around.

With the Semester, the start and end dates are fixed, and if you miss those classes, they cannot be re-arranged as you are sharing the class with other individuals.

I’m a complete beginner, can I join the Semester in China?

Absolutely, in fact most of our students who take on the Semester in China are beginners.

We will find the right class for you.

Is it really true I can learn more in a Semester at LTL than a Chengdu University?

We wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true.

We have well over a decade of experience teaching foreigners Chinese and have a winning formula to cracking Chinese. We can’t promise you will be fluent after two semesters, you won’t be in all likelihood, but you will have a really good, solid grasp on Chinese.

This is all due to our small class sizes and quality of teaching. Add in a dash of hard work from yourself and you will make progress fast, trust us!

What will I do outside of class?

Whatever you want. The possibilities are endless. Chengdu is a big city so there is loads for you to see and do. Spending time with your fellow classmates/LTL students/homestay as well of course.

We actively encourage you to expose yourself to as much Chinese as possible. Chat to locals, read plenty, get to know the culture. This will all help in cracking the code that is Chinese!

How about applying for the Visa?

Take a look at our visa page for more information on how to apply for a visa.

Will my class ever exceed six people?

No it won’t, we make sure all your classes are small in size. This is important to us as the smaller the class, the quicker you improve your Chinese

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