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  • Helena

    Is there anywhere I can take mock tests online?

    • Max Hobbs

      Two things you can do here.

      1 - Download HSK Online and take part in the MOCK TESTS or PAST PAPERS inside the app

      2 - Take our free HSK Vocab tests (https://ltl-school.com/free-hsk-test/)

      It's worth noting number 1 is the best option as that will replicate the actual exam. Our free vocab tests do as they say, test your vocab. Still absolutely worth doing but for the full experience download HSK Online.

      Hope this helps


  • Alina

    Useful tips, I take my HSK 4 next month. Hoping I pass and make good progress with 5 this year.

    • Max Hobbs

      Good luck Alina, you know who to call if you have any questions!