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  • Gail

    Love these. I think when you get to a stage of knowing a good amount of vocab then learning chengyu and idioms is the best way to learn chinese.

    I never quite realised how deep you can go with them. I actually use 一石二鸟 all the time but got it confused before because we say two birds first in English!

    • Max Hobbs

      Yes there's so many to discover. Learning Chinese never truly stops and Chengyu is one of the reasons for that!

      Also great you are learning them Gail, it's a great way to show natives your level is strong!

    • Filip G

      Max, Gail, can you recommend any books that explain chengyu for an advanced learner of Chinese? I have several reference books of idioms and proverbs but they mostly just give explanation and background on the meaning, what's missing is example conversation where these can be used. This is what I'm really looking for. Thank you.

      • Max Hobbs

        Hi Filip,

        Yes sure.

        《爆笑成语 看漫画学成语》would be our first recommendation for what you are after 《中国成语大会》is another great choice

        I think these two should keep you busy for the near future!

        Keep studying these Chinese Idioms Filip! It's a great way to learn Chinese