Post Office in Chinese // Vocabulary Guide to Send Postcards & Parcels Homes

Find Your Way in a Chinese Post Office PLUS Bonus Vocabulary Quiz!

Have you ever tried to send a parcel or postcard home from China? Or dealt with any other matter at the post office in Chinese?

Well, it can be quite the experience.

Today we’ll teach you everything about the post office in Chinese, so next time you’d like to send a postcard from any beautiful places you visit, it’ll be a bit easier.

💪 If you think you already know enough vocabulary, make sure to test your knowledge in the quiz at the very bottom of this article!

Now let’s get started.

Post Office in Chinese | Useful Vocabulary

Post Office in Chinese | Vocab’ Summary

Post Office in Chinese | Sentence Examples

Post Office in Chinese | Vocab’ Quiz

Post Office in Chinese | FAQ’s

First of all, post office in Chinese is 邮局 yóu jú

📍 China Post (中国邮政 zhōngguó yóuzhèng) is China’s postal service provider and delivers both domestically and internationally.

Post Office in Chinese | Useful Vocabulary

There usually is a post office 邮局 yóu jú in any city district in China, so it is very easy to send 寄jì mail.

Make sure to check out the opening hours 营业时间 yíng yè shí jiān of your nearest post office, as they might differ from place to place.

If you have a registered address in China, the mailman 邮递员 yóu dì yuán will regularly come and deliver any mail 邮件 yóu jiàn you might receive 收到 shōu dào.

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At the post office you’ll be able to send various items:

  • Letter | 信 xìn
  • Registered letter | 挂号信 guà hào xìn
  • Postcard | 明信片 míng xìn piàn
  • Telegram | 电报 diàn bào
  • Parcel | 邮包 yóu bāo

Depending on the branch you are visiting you can also do wire transfers 汇款 huì kuǎn.

To send out a letter or a parcel you will need to fill out a document with several details, much like any other country.

First, fill in the name 名字 míng zi and family name 姓 xìng of both the sender 发件人 fā jiàn rén and receiver 收件人 shōu xìn rén.

Second, you will need the address 地址 dì zhǐ and the ZIP code 邮编 yóu biān.

TOP TIP #1 | Fill in the document with a black pen, as in some institutions a blue pen is not accepted.

TOP TIP #2 | If you are sending outside of China, make sure to write the name of the country in Chinese characters as well.

You can find a large list of countries in Chinese in our blog right here.

The price of the enveloppe 信封 xìn fēng and postage stamp 邮票 yóu piào will depend on three things:

  • The rate of postage 邮费 yóu fèi
  • Either you choose standard 普通 pǔ tōng or economical 经济的 jīng jì de shipping
  • The weight of your item 重量 zhòng liàng

Be careful of the price of sending out parcels outside of China, as prices can go up very quickly, and the price difference between sending out by plane 飞机 fēi jī or boat 船 chuán is quite significant !

Post Office in Chinese | Summary

Let’s check here all the words we previously mentioned.

Make sure to bookmark this article so you can come back and review these words whenever needed:

Post office邮局yóu jú
Mail (letters, etc.)邮件yóu jiàn
Mailman邮递员yóu dì yuán
Opening hours营业时间yíng yè shí jiān
To receive收到shōu dào
To send
Registered letter挂号信guà hào xìn
Postcard明信片míng xìn piàn
Telegram电报diàn bào
Parcel邮包yóu bāo
Money transfer汇款huì kuǎn
Address地址dì zhǐ
ZIP code邮编yóu biān
Sender发件人fā jiàn rén
Receiver, addressee收件人shōu xìn rén
Name名字míng zi
Family namexìng
Rate (of postage)邮费yóu fèi
Standard (adj)普通pǔ tōng
Economical (adj)经济的jīng jì de
Envelope信封xìn fēng
Postage stamp邮票yóu piào
Weight重量zhòng liàng
To weigh up称重chēng zhòng

Post Office in Chinese | Useful Sentences

Let’s practice a few sentences with the vocabulary we just learned above.

First of all, let’s say you are looking at the nearest post office but have some troubles finding it. You might ask someone:

  • 最近的邮局在哪里?
  • zuìjìn de yóujú zài nǎlǐ?
  • Where is the nearest post office?

After someone gave you that information don’t forget to say thank you!

Now, depending on the post office there might be an English speaking employee.

We always suggest to our students to use these opportunities to practice their Chinese skills, but in some situations you need to get your point across and avoid any mistakes.

You do not want your parcel to end up in another country than yours, do you?!

  • 你会说英语吗?
  • nǐ huì shuō yīngyǔ ma?
  • Do you speak English?
  • 这里有会说英语的员工吗?
  • zhè li yǒu huì shuō yīngyǔ de yuángōng ma?
  • Do you have an English-speaking employee?

Let’s see a few more questions that could be useful:

What is the current postage rate?现在的邮费是多少?xiànzài de yóufèi shì duōshǎo?
What are the post office opening hours?邮局的营业时间是几点?yóujú de yíngyè shíjiān shì jǐ diǎn?
How much is it to send a parcel to the US?寄包裹到美国要多少钱?jì bāoguǒ dào měiguó yào duōshǎo qián?
When will my postcard arrive?我的明信片什么时候到?wǒ de míngxìnpiàn shénme shíhòu dào?

Building sentences when you’re just starting out your Chinese learning journey is definitely not easy, especially if you are self-studying.

Which is exactly why we created our Chinese Grammar Bank, giving you access to free Chinese lessons that you can save and come back to anytime you need a quick review session.

We teach you how to build sentences, tell the time and date in Chinese, use some very useful particles such as and , as well as many other beginner level lessons.


Are you certain you retained all of the vocabulary from this article?

The post office in Chinese requires some specific words, and you need to make sure to learn them correctly for next time you wish to send something.

We’ve got a quick fire quiz for you, let us know your results in the comments!

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Which Chinese Province starts with G and ends in G?

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What is the Capital of Henan province?

What is the most Northern Chinese Province?

Name the Chinese Province starting with 'Y'

Which 8 letter Chinese Province starts with a L?

What is the most populated Province in China?

Name the Chinese province starting with 'Q'

Fú zhōu is the Capital City of which Province?

How many Chinese Provinces begin with an H?

Which Chinese Province starts with J and ends in I?

Which 6 letter Chinese Province starts with an H?

Name the Chinese Province starting with 'Zh'

What is the least populated Province in China?


How do you say Post Office in Chinese?

Post office in Chinese is 邮局 yóu jú.

How do you say Letter in Chinese?

Letter in Chinese is 信 xìn.

How do you say Postcard in Chinese?

Postcard in Chinese is 明信片 míng xìn piàn.

What is China’s postal service?

China Post (中国邮政 zhōngguó yóuzhèng) is China’s postal service provider and delivers both domestically and internationally.

Can I send parcels from China to my country?

Yes of course.

China Post delivers both domestically and internationally.

When writing the receiver’s address make sure to include the name of your country in Chinese characters as well, otherwise your parcel might not even leave China!

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